Benjamin Shine

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Thousands of meters of tulle to create each piece by hand sculpture. The treatment process includes a neat soldering iron, crimping, sealing and sewing. Magic study of the structural properties of this lightweight material for the demonstration of its self-sufficiency  for the artist. Details of the works disclosed by contrast, based on a powerful backlight permeating layers.




Benjamin Shine studied fashion design at the Institute of Art in London. In 2003, he founded the creative studio, where resources, techniques and design ideas continue to carry a variety of creative forms of information and the author’s multidisciplinary approach.



Benjamin’s works embrace the world of fashion brands, the largest media, interior manufacturers, design organizations, such as the New York Museum of Art and Design, Givenchy, MTV, Eurostar, Coca-Cola and Google. Today, Schein has received many prestigious awards, while continuing to work and develop.




Benjamin Shine

Written by Karina Arutunova