Ruslan Mazlo @ MSK Eastside Gallery

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‘Improvisation of Space’
natural dye on hand-woven works from bulrush
curators: ZAK Kaghado, Ja’bagh Kaghado


Mazlo studied art in university, gaining a strong foundation in classical and abstract expressionism where he was able to create his own signature style of fusing Circassian or Adyghian heritage weaving with abstract and symbolism. His material of choice is bulrush, a tall grass which he extracts from the Terek riverside which he weaves into different abstract forms composing what they call in his culture an ‘arzhin’.

Ruslan’s technique dates back to the ancient Adyghians, the process is that of a long one which starts by gathering the bulrush then stripping, drying, treating and the weaving it into ropes.


Mazlo then forms it into his desired shapes, some flat like a rough canvas and others embossed with a three dimensional volume relief. By adding natural earth dyes which he also extracts from different herbs and minerals Ruslan begins painting symbols and signs creating a dialogue with the likes of Kandinsky and other abstract expressionists. His technique is ancient but his results yield an amazing mix of past and the present.

 MSK Eastside Gallery / Center is pleased to represent and host Mazlo’s debut exhibition in Moscow from April 14th till May 15th.