Martin Across The Landscaper S/S 2016

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Hyperrealism in the interpretation of modern fashion design is something more exciting than all done under the auspices of this term since 1973. Thinly built composition between the world of technology and the reality of the surrounding nature, the young Martin Across succeeded remarkably.

The prints on the basis of algorithms , which tell the movement of the landscape in the processing of digital filters. The streamlined silhouette and overlapping extensive lines broadcast  the natural drawing of deformed layers of rock, ice dust and rare sunlight on the bare rock.




Martin focused on condensing elements of arrays of Southern Andes and Ecuador. Hanging hooks and ropes in the collection are used as accessories that define benefits the traveler looking to challenge the majestic boulders. This is awareness of risk and future discoveries; Across tells  the story about the personal evolution of each person. There is an aggressive feeling that people will become higher than the mountains, when they climbs to the very top!




Designer is 21 years old, and in his debut costumes can be traced positive ambition, maximalism to life. Having begun his studies in architecture, Martin pretty quickly shifted creative course on fashion-trend. His mother is a florist, instilled in his son the primary sensation of color, the concepts of harmony and volume. Even then, as a child, he was inspired of a colorful film adaptation, where the heroine’s dress are changed magically, Across drew his first sketches. And nowdays the designer believes that a person is transformed into clothing wich are worn. As if the body is experiencing a great distortion: the imaginary suicide of his usual form for the birth of a whole new beauty. For this purpose were selected mainly hard tissue, felt, wool and neoprene.




Martin interests in the structure, which gives the material of each part of the outfit. In the future he plans to explore knitting and other authentic methods. The special approach to the design of the author of The Landscaper always dilutes a certain amount of humor, saying: “Always remember to have fun! put some humor in life and in your work!





Written by Karina Arutunova