Serge Najjar

0 Posted by - 09.01.2016 - Photography

“Every Saturday I drive my car towards a destination, still unknown, and guide myself by my instinct, by light and by whatever attracts my eye. At some moment, I stop. I position myself. And then all I have to do is wait for something to happen. In most cases, what captures my attention are the architectural details. My aim, then, is to try and get closer to abstraction (within the real world). I try to look at my everyday surroundings with a new eye. These photos show what I have seen.” – Serge explains his creativity.

There is an art reporting from a place of events of the world of lines boiling round us. Najjar divided this game into two visual camps: abstract realities and the architecture of light. Shots of the stone jungle of Beirut remind computer graphics, and only the person on each photo as if restores the viewer to life… to thought of that, how many esthetic coincidence in ordinary things, it is necessary to know how to see! (written by Karina Arutunova)










All images by Serge Najjar