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Nature is smarter and more beautiful than we are. The most importantly, that she is  lively than all created by people. In an attempt to tame her, we have been knowing the aesthetics of existence. Through of this exchange the fashion focused on “live” accessory elements.


Collection Neptune’s Daughter SS15 is flash of playfulness, which is intertwined with innocence. Memories from a young age when curiosity about the world most severely knocked out, forcing us to start keeping fish out of a desire to observe all around. It was a good experience for the Spring-Summer 2015.

But the RSPCA is concerned that the fish used as interchangeable jewelry and made a loud statement. Assuming that the society get wrong the “fishin” and “fashion”.


Author innovative line – CASSANDRA VERITY GREEN – spokeswoman fresh wave of designers in London. Her label is based on knitwear, presenting herself through new techniques of processing of materials and using of advanced methods of labor. She assured environmentalists that when she he was simulating the patterns it is focused on a comfortable stay for fish in the backpack. As well as sea creatures left their usual zone only on the show before and after the presentation the fish was eating and they went home in good health. During the filming fish was not suffered!