Craig Green [ SPRING SUMMER ISSUE 2014 ]

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Extraordinary fashion is one of the manifestations realized in the material reality of the creative promise. Work of art that can be applied in everyday life in our body and in our image. Quintessence of escapism.

 Craig Green creates its collections around the fantasy world, believing that clothes should be an element of adventure. Angular overexposure,  variety of tunics form, design over another design, geometric accessories, which the author picks in numerous trips around the world. Particularly, he are interested in the influence of traditional folk motifs, Green is actively using them, translating modern manufacturing of outfits at the peak of relevance. Graduation collection of London-based designer is based on interpretation of old Russian fashion toys and homemade fancy dress of our ancestors. Diploma work brought grand to fashion designer to launch a grand debut line. Through a year Craig presented a series of avant-garde images, that stunned the British public during the fashion weeks. Any of you who prefer the extraordinary clothes, exactly was seen the pictures of models with  sided boxes in wooden cages over face and instead of hats.

 Ekstrakt publishes new set of Green SPRING SUMMER ISSUE 2014.  Designer for the first time tried his hand as an art director for tabloid GQ STYLE UK on the eve of the show. Bold approach allowed the author to conduct a photo shoot in an unprecedented format today. Installations of cardboard, metal and wood, paints and canvases, people and equipment inside the sculptures… It’s real andegraund for world of couture. Huge shadow silhouettes of heads wolf, bear and horse: ANIMAL HEADS SHOOT rather should be presented in the experimental art space, rather than on the catwalks. Origins of creativity rooted in the original choice of Craig become a portraitist, but a desire to be involved in the creation suit resulted in the emergence on the modern Olympus the genius of male designer. In his interview Green has repeatedly stated about finding the ideal of masculinity and hard to believe, but he has been designing clothes for women at the very beginning. After the first few attempts, his internal struggle came to a conclusion that ought to take note of the many famous fashion designers today: “I think for the good development of women’s clothing you must have a certain type of character, and I am not the owner of one of them. Men’s clothing, even in their clumsiness makes more sense, I find that aesthetic root of my labor works better on a male person”. Practice our hero is also based on the idea of group mentality.

 In all his “magic” he simultaneously commercial realist. Mentality is the information spiritual component of culture, including the culture of consumption. Feelings of the person – a “thing in itself”, and clothes – a thing with social benefits and nuances of expression. Craig Green analyzes these contradictions in his creations, calling for a harmonious union of external and internal components of personality.

Be holistic and beautiful in your wardrobe and in your mood!






















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