Byungmun Seo

47 Posted by - 15.04.2014 - Fashion

We are always intrigued when it comes to a collision with new experiences and phenomena. Certainly the nice thing that find something unprecedented and unheard of before. The easiest way to such feelings is fashion! It is full of new things that are constantly changing: different color, style and design every season. But there is a real lack of variety, because all moves in a circle. We admire a truly by rare skills of designers, who can jump into these changes and create a new wave of fashion. Namely such motives accompany creativity and philosophical approach Byungmun SEO, directing in journey to discover the true nature of fashion through the disclosure of the true self in every thing.





He sees pattern as art, this item reads in his conceptual collections and dichotomy of style, that is balance between dark colors and moody sewing due to atypical cut.




Young designer fascinated by the potential beauty of unexpected and unusual forms, through reconstruction and replacement of each part of the classic sketch. Thus, the creation of each new silhouette gives new meaning to the clothes. Designer pays great attention to identity through design, in every image the author creates and develops personal history like clothes from Byungmun SEO aims to embody and transmit a visual story.