Autumn/Winter 2014 by Ch.

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Many people think that modern architecture is too boring and looks clinical and sometimes is very cold. But it’s very beautiful in special context. This is something permanent in their pure lines, in neutral colors and matte porous structure that resonates with your rainbow’s world of senses. Even when the paint is starting to crack, the foundation is unchanged. We can say the same about fashion.


When focus has stood on form, the structure is being simple of the structure. The combination of luxury contrast clothes have incarnation by silhouettes in pallet of muted colors. It happens when you are choosing different variants from your cloakroom and nothing goes. And then you are dressing layer-cake with different combinations of colors such as wet asphalt, graphite, matte black. You say to yourself: “I’m like a stone today! I have the power within me! I’m clean and free! And no element can’t break my spirit true!”



Actually it’s sophisticated look with all good rules and this concrete landscape is the perfect place for your stay. Bonds of this magic – morality forms – by Chapter in Autumn/Winter 2014. The californian man’s brand is such as cold architecture of Berlin. Creators took inspiration from constructivism of USSR where morality forms are functional elements and multilevel structures.



The weather is cold in Moscow. And people dressed woolen clothes and they surrounded by heaters. At this time californian brands are busy to make something new with interpretation of appearance by cold and hard lines, by minimalism of modern western Europe.



If you need to have the inspiration, you must to look beyond the limits of the available shapes.